Bilcare Research GmbH

D-79219, Germany, Staufen, Radebeulstrasse 1
Phone number
+49 (7663) 63526; +7 (929) 5134531
About company
Bilcare Research GmbH is the world leader for the production of pharmaceutical blister films was founded in 1962. Nowadays has the latest production equipment. Portfolio: 1. Films and foils for solid dosage forms (PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC, AquaBa, Aclar laminates and CFF); 2. Film for suppositories (PVC/PE); 3. Film for ampules, syringes (PVC, PET G). Service: - selection of the most efficient packaging which guarantees optimal shelf-life of drugs; - provision of various research programs.