Michael Kurako Ltd

107076, Russia, Moscow, Krasnobogatyrskaya str. 89, b.1 office 435
Phone number
+7 (495) 2257434; +7 (495) 2257434
kurako@kurako.ru; kurako@kurako.com
About company
“Michael Kurako" Ltd officially represents the leading European companies–manufacturers of process and packaging equipment for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industries: Bohle (granulators, pharma mixers, coaters), Korsch (tablet presses), Optima pharma (Inova, Klee, Kugler, Metall+Plastic) (filling of syringes, cartridges, vials of different types; freeze-driers; isolators), Heino Ilsemann (thermoforming and cartoning machines), Waldner (vacuum driers, mixing reactors),Sarong (machines for packing suppositories, unit doses), Seidenader (inspection and washing machines), Guk (folding machines), NETZSCH Vakumix (process equipment for viscous homogeneous products production), Enflex (packing of free-flowing, viscous and single-piece products into pouches, sachets), Belimed (washing machines and steam sterilizers), MG2 (capsule fillers). “Michael Kurako" provides spare parts and after sales service.