Röchling Medical

98724, Germany, Neuhaus am Rennweg, Waldweg 16
Phone number
+49 (3679) 726060
www.roechling.com; www.roechling.com/medical
sales.deneu@roechling.com; info.deneu@roechling.com
About company
Our customers are pioneers. We make sure it stays that way. Our lead is based on decades of experience and curiosity about finding even better solutions. ‘Made by Röchling’ is a promise of quality. With sales over € 2,1 billion and with 11,000 employees at 90 production sites in 25 countries, the global Röchling Group with its 3 divisions – Medical, Automotive and Industrial – stands for competence in plastics and system solutions. Röchling Medical is the reliable partner of leading global companies when it comes to the components, services and intelligent products made of plastic that are needed in the healthcare industry. We develop solutions for the segments Diagnostics, Fluid Management, Pharma as well as Surgery and Interventional.