123060, Russia, Moscow, office 206, 3, Marshala Sokolovskogo Str.
Phone number
+7 (495) 2042395
About company
LLC AQUAANALYTIC in Moscow is the leader in development and assembling of integrated monitoring systems of clean rooms for microclimate parameters, using the Beckman Coulter MET ONE counters and up-to-date software in Russian language by English manufacturer Pharmagraph. We offer laboratory analyzers TOC Anatel, HIAC liquid particle counters, wastewater and industrial water control system by English manufacturer Pollution and Process Monitoring. Laboratory and industrial water treatment EVOQUA – global brand in that direction. For bulk substances handling and loading – EHS devices are the best solution. YDG production – door interlocking systems. Strict compliance with all GMP standards, validation.
Beckman Coulter